Merry Super Bowl Sunday

Lamest Super Bowl ever! It didn’t really help that I was entirely disinterested in the game in the first place, but then add in the fact that it was just a poor excuse for entertainment and it felt like a waste of a day. Well, the day wasn’t completely wasted I suppose. I kicked the morning off with a good cleaning of my PC’s. Ummm what? Yeah, cleaning my PC’s. To be exact, my NAS devices, but for the sake of conversation let’s stick with “PC’s.” That project was kicked off the other day when I happened to glance down and notice that one of them was completely covered in dust. The side vents were plugged, the external ports were all packed with dust, and they just looked generally grimy. I don’t know how they heck they got that way. I guess they have big fans, and big fans suck in dust. I dunno. At any rate they are not particularly cheap devices, and are semi-important to my day to day existence, so I resolved to give them a cleaning. First thing I did was order an air duster off Amazon. Little more than I intended on spending, but I just can’t bring myself to buy disposable cans of air. Through the magic of Prime, I ordered it Saturday morning and it showed up that same night, ready for me to use Sunday morning. I took the drives out of both devices, carried them out in the back yard, and just dusted away. Wow. Needs to be a regularly scheduled maintenance for sure, they were in bad shape.

I’m sure it seems like a day just couldn’t really get any more exciting after that, but we gave it a go. Since the game held no interest for us, we decided to at least eat some good football-ish food. We went the classic route; Wings and Nachos. For the wings I used a tried-and-true recipe I found some time ago that is supposed to be a knock-off of Peanut wings. I don’t know about that, but it is a solid recipe at any rate. Unfortunately due to some inclement weather I had to use the gas grill, but they still came out pretty darn good. They are even better cooked on the Weber kettle, but it was pouring rain. For the nachos we used some pork and chicken that were left over from a BBQ we had last week. You just can’t really beat pulled pork nachos, and the chicken was a dang solid topping too. That pretty much wrapped up the day. And now I’m staring at another long week of work, but doing so with a full belly and clean computers.

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