My Birthday 51rst Edition

Alright alright, I’ll update my stupid web page.  It seems like I’ve been entirely too busy to spend time on such things, but ask me what I’m doing at any given moment and I’ll invariably answer “nothing.”  Maybe it’s the old age.  Anyway, the major event of recent history was my birthday, woot woot!  Exciting!  Or, as it happened, maybe not.  As a matter of fact I got sick and didn’t really do anything but lay around and blow my nose constantly.  As whatever-it-was slowly passed, I ramped up my celebration accordingly though, culminating with having some friends over for a barbecue on Sunday.  I spent all day smoking a brisket and then we had people over to eat it.  One of my favorite ways to spend a Sunday, to be sure.  I even mixed in a little experimentation with the brisket.  Instead of my tried-and-true (but flawed) foil wrap, I used the trendy “butcher paper” technique.  (I didn’t follow that recipe, but that’ll give you some idea what the paper is all about.)  I was well pleased with the results.  The outside stayed nice and crispy as advertised, and I thought the texture was better overall.  The downside was, I cooked that sucker for 13 hours.  The foil definitely gets the edge there, I bet I would have shaved at least 5 hours off that cook time.  Luckily I woke up early and had it on by 6:00 in the morning or dinner would have been a disaster, instead of just a little late.

So what other fascinating endeavors did I enjoy over my birthday week?  Well, I spent no small amount of time on my new raspberry pi that my Mother-in-Law got me for my birthday.  Mind you, she doesn’t know that’s what she got me, or probably what a pi is, but that’s neither here nor there.  I got a new toy, that’s what is important.  I don’t know why, but I just have a good time playing with those little things.  I already have one, which I made into a sweet little game console that plays all the old Nintento games.  Fun stuff.  I didn’t want to mess that one up, so I got a second one for my birthday to do more super-neato stuff with.  After many dorky hours, the new one now runs my home wireless controller, as well as the good ol’ Kodi media center.  No clue or interest what I’m babbling on about?  Well, it’s really cool, just take my word for it.  You’re jealous, I know it.  I’m even giving some consideration to moving this website to it, under the “Because I can” theory.  Can’t decide if I want to spend that kind of time.

Possible Career Change

After this weekend, I’m thinking about possibly quitting the IT biz and going into home improvement.  Those of you familiar with my “skills” might find humor in this notion, but after some of the work we’ve had done out here I think I’ve got a future in it.  We just haven’t had good luck with contractors at all.  Every single project has had some issue, with varying levels of successful resolution.  This last one takes the cake though, at least in my book.  We had a patio cover put up a long time ago, like 2.5 years, and the guy installed two ceiling fans on it.  They’ve never really worked right.  They make so much noise we hardly ever used them, which stinks because A) they weren’t particularly cheap and B) it gets hot out there.  So, this weekend I saw a nice fan on sale at Costco, and actually had a pair of them in my basket.  But, they weren’t that cheap either, so I figured “Eh, I might as well at least try and figure out what’s wrong with the ones I have.”  So, I drug out the ladder and in about 30 seconds noticed all the blades were flopping around, they were barely attached at all.  Now, actually fixing it took me quite a bit longer.  I found a copy of the installation instructions online and started at the end, taking everything back apart until I got to the “Assembling the Blades” page.  The error here was so incredibly stupid I couldn’t grasp it for quite a while.  I’ve got to add a picture to even try and describe it.

Put the two screws through the two holes and screw them into the motor.  Yep, looks pretty straight forward.  Well, this guy had actually put the blade through that small space right above the plate where he was supposed to attach them, and then run the screws up through the holes.  The holes in the blade aren’t threaded, so they were just sitting on top of the screws, kept in place only because that space is too small for them to totally fly off.  Good grief.  For a while I told myself, “Eh, I do plenty of dumb stuff, I might have done the same thing.”  And then the more I thought about it, I concluded that for one thing, there is no way that even on my stupidest day I would have done that and then thought “Yeah that seems right, the blades are probably supposed to flop around on this fan.”  Even if I HAD made the same mistake, it was brutally obvious that it was wrong. And on top of that, THIS IS WHAT THIS GUY DOES FOR A LIVING!  IT’S HIS JOB!  I PAID HIM FOR THAT!  Yes, I was a little upset.  But, looking on the bright side, I enjoyed a nice cooling breeze from my new-ish ceiling fans while watching the Royals game outdoors that afternoon.  I’m still going to be mad about it for a while though.

Happy May Day

I suppose I am obligated to do some kind of cursory update, if only because I paid for a whole year of this domain name.  No sense wasting Internet bits.  The simple fact is though, I’ve not really done anything.  A few less than inspiring bike rides, a couple of random dinners, and a lot of boring Royals games on my patio.  The wife is out of town, and I really don’t do well at entertaining myself.  Work has been beyond hectic too, but I’m sure that’s even more boring subject matter than what I’ve watched on TV lately.  Part of my ongoing boredom is due to the weather also;  The monsoon rains have continued pretty steadily.  I think they may have stopped, with the possible exception of this coming weekend.  (Why always on the weekend??!?!)  I appreciate your continued patronage here at the website though.  You never know, one day you might randomly check in for a read and find I’ve done something absolutely fascinating.  Yeah, keep holding your breath for that.

Easter Pics

Will This Winter Ever End

I’m officially sick of the rainy, cold weather.  And, much like before I was officially sick of it, my opinion doesn’t seem to make much difference.  Geez what a year.  I don’t know if it’s ever going to warm up.  Actually what I imagine will happen is, it’s suddenly 105 out every day and there will be no stretch of 70 & sunny I look forward to every year.  Guess that’s the way it goes.

My weekend entertainment was severely hampered by said weather conditions.  We had friends over Friday and tried to watch TV on the patio, but the driving rain hammering against our aluminum cover made it impossible to hear anything.  We stuck it out though, at least until the heater ran out of propane.  That was the final straw, we called it an evening.

Saturday we never really got out of the gate.  The rain continued, and just made everything a mess.  Can’t take the dog out, can’t watch baseball on the patio, can’t go cycling…  WOE!!!  We did go out to a birthday party that night in Old Folsom, which provided some much-needed entertainment.  It only improved slightly on Sunday.  I did go out for a ride around 10:00, but cut it short because I was freezing.  Just couldn’t get warmed up.  I told myself a short ride is better than no ride;  Hopefully that’s the case.  After that we tried to watch the debacle that was the Royals game.  My subscription is off to a rough start this year.  The video quality is so choppy it’s nearly unwatchable.  I did catch the last inning though, which effectively ruined my entire day.  After that we rolled over to a friend’s house for dinner and a little doggie play date.  Once again it was freezing out, cutting into my patio enjoyment.  (I may have exacerbated the situation by wearing shorts…)  But, dinner was delicious and the puppy got worn out so I call the evening a success.