The Lone ‘Quer

Not a bad weekend in the hills. Hey, it just occurred to me that the “Phil on the Hill” moniker has never been more accurate. We are indeed on a hill. Now I don’t have to come up with a new site name, whew. Anyway… Like I said, not a bad weekend, if a bit subdued. Friday I settled in to get my weekend on, only to end up working the better part of the night. Lame. Saturday we just sort of kicked around the house, waiting for my scheduled evening work. The whole work thing is just really cutting into my social lifestyle. I did get wrapped up early enough that we were able to go out to dinner at the nearby Bones Roadhouse. I usually have a pastrami sandwich, but this time I mixed things up and had a burger. Even sprung for some blue cheese crumbles, and it was delicious. A few strips of bacon would have really put it over the top, but $3?!!?! C’mon man.

Sunday was my “fun day.” I try to get my work scheduled so that I get at least one day off, and Sunday was it this week. (Pathetic lifestyle, but that’s what it is.) So, I’d been eyeing this smoked carnitas recipe all week, if not a little longer. I don’t why, it just sounded good. Actually I guess I do know why: It’s Spring, the weather is getting super nice, and I like firing up the smoker. As I usually do, I tried rallying a few guys to come up for the event, and as usually happens, zero interest. I guess it’s just a KC thing and ain’t going to happen up here. It’s still pretty fun for me, but I am continually baffled that nobody else is into it. Heck nobody even wanted to come up for dinner. I shredded the whole thing and threw it in the freezer. What are you gonna do. Maybe I should look for a new hobby. But I LIKE this one. We’re having company in from KC in a few months, maybe they’ll bbq with me. Sniff, sniff.

The Birds II

We’ve got company again! Man, people (and dogs) just really like us and want to visit us. Probably has to do with our remarkable ability to entertain. This weekend, Donette’s sister came out to visit. I guess if we ever really did have any ability to entertain we must have forgotten those skills, because we didn’t really do anything. We’re more of a “relaxation” destination maybe; Lots and lots of relaxation. It’s a fine line between relaxation and boredom I imagine, but let’s stick with it anyway. There was some shopping involved, a little going out to eat, and…. relaxation.

As to my title of the week, man we’ve got a real bird situation out here! I do enjoy the hummingbirds, but they are getting downright aggressive. You can’t step out the front door without getting buzzed by several of them. I’m thinking about buying one of those bee keeper suits for when I refill their feeders, as they are just too close for comfort and greatly outnumber me. If you look out any window, there will be a few of them hovering there just staring at you. “Food’s getting low fat boy, get on it.” One of them even came in the house this morning! I can just imagine my obit now, and it will not be good.

Did Anybody See My Weekend?

Wow, that was possibly the shortest weekend in history. Too much work, not enough play. Then the next thing you know it’s back to all work, no play weekdays. Lame. We snuck in a little fun on Sunday with a good wine tasting trip. We started the day at one of our wineries we are members at, Bom Vino. They’ve been sort of “weird” as of late. We never get any communication from them at all, and last Fall our shipment just showed up at our door one day. Odd since we’re definitely on the “pick up” list, as it’s only about 8 miles from our house. We were going to get everything straightened out while we were there yesterday, but alas, the gates were closed. Hmmm. Out of business? We don’t know. It definitely wouldn’t hurt my feelings to get dropped from their club, we’ve got enough of them and this one is a little out of the way. Anyway, after a quick regroup, we went and met some friends at Fleur de Lys. Nice place, we like going there. From there we hit a few more in our regular rotation, then actually branched out and tried a new one! Yeah, crazy. It was nice. I’d tell you all about it but I forgot the name, whoops. I also failed to take a pic all day, I’ll have to fall back on some from the past week.

Weekend Visitors

We had some company up for the weekend, which took up all our time. Our friends Renfield Cornelius and Bingo spent the weekend with us; Well actually I guess since they’re dogs maybe that makes them technically Quinn & Nacho’s friends? Semantics. Anyway, we had a grand old time. They are a lot easier to entertain than their owners, and just generally more fun. We took them all to a nearby winery Friday, then Saturday they helped us burn some brush in the back yard. Good time all around.

It Finally Got Me…

So, I’ve been locked down with the ‘vid for the last two weeks. Makes my update material even scarcer than usual. “So, I woke up, moved to the couch, and took a nap.” And repeat. We picked it up somewhere along our recent Arizona adventure, presumably on the way home. What a nuisance. Ya’ know, it’s not like I ever go out anyway, but knowing you can’t makes it worse somehow. Waiting it out I guess. Heck I don’t even have any pictures to post! I did feel up to going outside Saturday, and decided to burn a big brush pile that’s been building up in the front yard. Wow, when they say it’s dry out here they ain’t kidding. Tossed a match at it, and a few minutes later I was running for the garden hose. It stayed put though, no trouble. We ended up walking around the yard and gathering branches for a few hours and tossing them on, got quite a bit of clean up done!