Yay For 3-day Weekends

Whew, I needed a day off. The wife is bound and determined to make me do something useful, but I am resisting to the best of my ability. Days off are rare, and not to be wasted. I did at least try and mix in a little exercise. I got all ready for a nice bike ride, but when I rolled it out of the garage my tire was flat. I contemplated actually changing it and going anyway, but my spare tubes and bike stand are in the storage locker. Have to be another day I guess. Supposed to hit 90 today anyway, I would likely have passed out.

In the “notable events” category, we had a nice brunch yesterday. It was a little on the casual side, as we’re packing up to move, including all our dishes. Hey, paper plates and plastic forks clean up easier anyway. It came out pretty well; I made chilaquiles and scrambled eggs with chorizo. I thought the chilaquiles came out pretty well, at least they were better than the soupy mess I created last time I tried. I even fried my own chips, fancy. Some potatoes and a big fruit salad showed up too, so we had quite the feast of it. I definitely needed a ride today to try and undo the damage, but alas, it ain’t to be.

Lock Down Day 247

Or however long it’s been. That’s just an estimate. I gotta say, we are getting increasingly “loose” with our distancing or whatever the heck they call it. Not too crazy, but man I am BORED. For instance, as I mentioned briefly I am trying get back on my bicycle. Depending on who you believe out here, you aren’t supposed to even be doing that? Whatever. I need out of the house, and I ride by myself. Not to mention, I really really really need some form of exercise… If there is one positive of this situation, it’s the very light traffic while riding on the road. Much safer than usual, at least it seems to be. There are far lower odds of getting hit by a Miller Lite can, tossed from a 1 ton diesel truck as it roars past you at 70mph in a 30 zone, belching black exhaust in your face. (Not that I am stereotyping my neighbors, but yeah I guess I am.) Hopefully that holds for a while longer, it does make the ride more enjoyable.

Our other entertainment since last my last update also included a fine, fine Mother’s Day brunch yesterday. No, my mother wasn’t there, but I seldom pass up a reason to celebrate a holiday. We went up to a friends house and hung out for the better part of the day, enjoying some great food and a break in the recent hot weather. They’ve been doing a major backyard project for a while now, so we got to check out the progress on that too. Usually our little brunch parties only last a few hours, but it was such a nice day we ended up sitting on their new deck all afternoon. We had a good time, the dogs got worn out playing… All good things.

I finally lost my quarantine beard this week. The time was right. Not even really sure why I grew it out in the first place. I do hate shaving, but that’s not exactly a new sentiment. I guess my thought is, maybe it will bring good karma to end the lock down. Not to mention, now that the temps have gotten into the 90’s regularly here, the idea of a 1-inch layer of steel wool covering my face is even less appealing. The final nail in the coffin was the rather shocking amount of grey; I don’t need anything else helping me look old, thanks.

Happy Cinco de Mayo

That title would be a reminder that I am again tardy with my update. Else it would be, “Happy Quatro de Mayo” I guess. Maybe I was late on purpose because the latter doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. But the simple fact is, I am yet again light on content. What can ya’ do. I have some food pictures and… Maybe some dog pictures if I dig around. I guess one thing I did last week was break out my bicycle. That pastime has been sidelined for quite some time now, far too long. It took a little maintenance, but I got my mountain bike back rolling without too much trouble. Actually, it barely has any brakes, but to be honest someone in my current physical condition needs to focus more on going than stopping anyway. I’ve been on a grand total of two (very light) rides; Hopefully I can hold onto this momentum. Other than those two brief forays outside, we’ve remained effectively quarantined. I am honestly a little (a very little) concerned that I may be getting used to it. We were invited to a fiesta dinner this evening and I’m like “Nah I think I’m good thanks.”

QT Day 37

If you didn’t pick up on it, “QT” stands for that “Q” word affecting us all. I don’t know how to spell it, and this whole situation has rendered me too lazy to look it up, so I’ll just throw a made-up abbreviation out there and hope for the best. Once again, predictably, I have no material to work with. I could review the 47 movies I watched over the weekend, but everyone probably saw them years ago. I don’t recall any of them being particularly notable either. (One exception might be “The Assignment.” You may not have seen that one. If not, don’t.) On the big house selling front, we do have some big news! No, no we don’t. Nothing. Total silence. No offers, no showings, no nothing. Bah. We’re just about to pull it off the market and accept our fate in the hellish ‘burbs of El Dorado Hills. Could be worse. I’m not sure how, but that seems to be a popular phrase.

Really about our only “event” over the weekend was a “virtual wine tasting.” And as a matter of fact, it wasn’t even on the weekend, it was last Thursday. The drill here is, you go to a nearby winery (or, liquor store in this case,) buy a set couple of bottles, and then at some predetermined time there is a video call where you taste the wines with other dorks. This has become rather popular around here lately for obvious reasons, and I’ve been wanting to participate in one of them for a while. And now I suppose I have. Check that one off. It was “OK.” The winemaker was actually online with us and he was quite interesting to listen to, so that was a bonus. Interesting for about 20 minutes anyway… Unfortunately it went on for 1.5 hours. Well past my rather stunted attention span. I guess you could always just drop off, but I didn’t want to be rude. Oh well, it was something to do, passed the time for one evening anyway. I can say, in all honesty, I had nothing better to do.

Courtesy update

What can I say; I got nothin’. Guess I’ll throw up a few pictures and call it good. OK, in all honesty I had a barbecue for Easter and invited a few people over. Shhhhhh. Other than that, all quiet on the western front.