Brew Tour 2020

I guess the new year is here, ready or not. I suppose I am obligated to come up with some resolutions? If so I had better get on it, because I don’t have any yet. Somebody sent me this list the other day:

  1. Cut down trees in the woods and hand make a log cabin couch.
  2. Attend Harvard business school stage 1.
  3. Read 24 books. Business, phycology/sociology, relationships, communication, negotiation, leadership.
  4. Attend MIT Sloan business school stage 2.
  5. Start a new company, Water-Core inc. to provide shower systems to homeless in cities.

Uh yeah, wow. Mine probably won’t be quite so… “ambitious.” Try not get fired? Remember to feed the dogs? More along those lines. If I DID make a list, one of them would probably be “visit some new local breweries.” Check that one off, we did that Saturday. Gee, this resolution stuff is easy. We used to go to the breweries around here every now and then, but haven’t been to any in a long time. Not in 2019, I am sure. So, I wrote up a little trip plan and we headed out around noon Saturday. First stop was Burning Barrel, just down the hill in Rancho Cordova. I didn’t NOT like it, but honestly my favorite thing we tried there was the pizza from the food truck outside. The brews weren’t bad, but the pizza was great. Next stop was Claimstake, also in Rancho. Most in the group insisted we’d all been there before, but I don’t recall that being the case. One of the benefits of having a poor memory, everything is new. OK, it DID look a little familiar, but then again they all look pretty much the same. From there, it was on to two of my favorites, New Glory and then Device. My goal was trying only new places, but then again I like sticking to the known good spots so I mixed these in. Can’t go wrong with either of them, I definitely liked them better than the first two. All in all, a successful day; The group agreed we need to plan another tour, in the opposite direction. We’ll see if we ever get around to it.

And A Happy New Year?

Man I am all out of sorts. Since I posted about Christmas last time, I feel obligated to title this one “New Years.” As I was reading somewhere the other day, the holidays will get a person all messed up. Don’t know what day it is, don’t know what is about to happen or has already happened… It’s just chaos. I cannot in good conscience post a recap my awesome NYE party though, because as far as I know it hasn’t happened. And honestly, very likely won’t. I’m holding out hope though.

As for Christmas, it was a good one. We even put up “the tree” this year, which is just about as festive as we feel compelled to get. We also hosted the “Christmas-Day-Eve” dinner at out house. We usually join in the fun at our friends the James’ holiday celebrations out here, so every now and then we try and host one of the events at our house. Always a great time, but wow do they have a big group. We ended up with 25 plates, and that doesn’t even count a few random little-uns I saw running around. A crowd that size takes just a little more preparation than I am used to, but luckily we were able to call in some help. I broke out both the briskets I cooked last weekend, and that covered the main dish, if barely. (Side note – I reheated them with my sous vide cooker; Fantabulous. That is the way to go.) We also made a huge pot of beans, and a bunch of delicious sides and appetizers showed up. And desserts… Oh my. I was all happy that nearly all the food was eaten, and then after everyone left we had an entire counter full of cookies, candy, popcorn, pies… Good grief. Let’s just say our diet hasn’t been real healthy the last several days.

Merry Christmas

Well, my website is back up. For how long, I cannot say. If you didn’t notice it was down… It was. Quite broken. It’s been kind of sketchy for some time, and after my Big Christmas Upgrade of 2019, it finally just “went away.” No errors, just a shiny white page where my years and years (hours and hours? minutes and minutes?) of work were previously displayed. A good bit of ciphering later, it came back. It seems to have something to do with rebooting my fancy web server. The optimal resolution here would seem to be “never, ever reboot,” but unfortunately that just isn’t quite practical.

And what else have we been doing, outside of learning to restore sql databases? Well, not a whole lot. Shipping out some Christmas presents, getting a few Christmas presents, the holiday norm. Saturday I got the always-exciting joy of firing up my smoker and cooking the Christmas briskets. I went with a new plan, and for once it worked out. That afternoon we joined some friends for a big-screen showing of Christmas Vacation at a nearby theater, and after that around town for some generic holiday cheer. When we got home in the early evening, I fired up the smoker, put on two briskets… And went to bed. Gasp. I am starting to get enough faith in that thing that it can be left unattended for quite some period of time. Naturally, I woke up around 3:00 in a mad panic that the holiday meal was ruined, but upon dashing outside in my shorts and bare feet found it quite steadily cooking away. Indeed, it ran just fine until around 8:30, when it finally ran out of fuel. Like magic, I tell ya’. Initial sampling of the brisket indicates positive results, I’ll be hoping for the best Wednesday at dinner.

Belated Thanksgiving

I could have sworn I posted an update after Thanksgiving. Maybe the dogs ate it. It was a good holiday though, so I am inclined to go ahead and recap the day a week late. As is usually the case, we joined forces with our friends the James’ clan for the festivities. And quite the clan it is. I think the final count was around 25 people. The one downside was that the weather didn’t cooperate quite like it has in recent years. With a crowd that size it’s nice to have some outdoor seating options, but this year was just too chilly, not to mention wet. Eh, there was plenty of room inside. For a mob this size we went with two turkeys; One smoked, and one deep fried. We didn’t smoke the bird, we picked it up from Schwingles Meat already cooked. We’ve ordered from them several times and it’s just as good (OK likely better) than anything I could smoke up, and certainly easier. We threw in a ham for good measure too. Yeah we went a bit overboard on the meat, but it’s nice to have options. It was a fantastic meal, honestly the best I can remember. (Granted, my memory doesn’t go back too far.)

Crabfest V3

I declare that weekend to have been downright adventurous, in comparison to my normal weekend. I took off Thursday evening in the motorhome, destination Bodega Bay, to enjoy a little crabbin’. That is the proper verb, naturally, for capturing, cooking, and eating crabs. Crabs of the dungeness variety to be more specific. It was supposed to be a few weekends ago, but something happened and the season got all messed up. I started to read up on it but my short attention span kicked in before I finished. Something involving the whales, the weather, and who know what all. I am sure I’ve described the back-story before, but as a brief recap these 20-ish guys have been meeting up in Bodega Bay for this event for 30+ years. I secured an invite a few years back and it was so much fun I’ve returned since. In a small stroke of genius, I brought my friend Michael along this year, slightly upgrading my level on the Interloper Hierarchy.

So what does one do while crabbin’? Well, there is no small amount of time spent sitting around a fire and cooking. It’s a rather “primitive” campground, not much in the way of activities. Which is fine, the group seems to have little difficulty making their own. Boccie ball, seeing what all can be cooked (or not) successfully over a campfire, card games, etc. And then there are the actual boat trips out. The boat is rather smallish, so four guys go out at once. Four guys, times a 10 per person limit, and usually 40 crabs come back per trip. That sets off a flurry of activity, cleaning them, boiling them, and getting them on ice. I purchased my license ahead of time, but decided to make myself as scarce as possible when the boat went out. I actually kept up my cloak of invisibility until somebody came banging on my door Sunday morning at 7:00. Need more crew!! Rats. What that means is, they really need one more body on the boat to max out the crab limit. Fair enough, I wanted to take some crab home. Fun trip at any rate, looking forward to the next one already. And I’ve got a freezer full of fresh crab meat.