Short Getaway

So I was able to sneak in a short getaway last weekend, preventing me from making my not-so-regularly scheduled update. Just when I was sure I was in the groove. I took the motorhome up to nearby Ponderosa Resort for a little camping trip, or glamping if you’re into the latest made-up adverbs. Well, actually I didn’t take the motorhome, per se, my friend Michael drove it up there and parked it for me. It would seem that being co-owner I would drive it around, but not so much. Maybe someday, but not this particular day. The campground is only 15 miles from our house, but it is very nice and it still seems like you are “getting away.” Didn’t do a whole lot; Some friends came and went, my spouse came and went, and the rest of the time I just hung out. The weather was exceptional, especially for this time of year, so a lot of time was spent just sitting outside in a lawnchair. May sound a little too low-key for many, but I like the opportunity to just relax. Good trip.

In other life-altering news, I got new Internet service! The past year I have been suffering miserably with my fixed wireless plan. I do not think that’s an exaggeration either. I would get kicked off while working several times a day, things like streaming video were impossible, and during the evenings it would slow to unusable speeds. I’ve looked and looked for alternatives, but couldn’t find anything. Finally, rather randomly, I came across Verizon Home LTE service. I am honestly not sure how I never found it before; It doesn’t seem to be widely advertised or easily accessible from their main site. So far it turned out to be just what I need though, knock on wood. Been using it all week with no disconnects and everything works just fine. As an added bonus it’s $40 cheaper a month, and 5x faster. Score! This may even lead to moving this website back home where it belongs, although that sounds like more effort than I’m willing to expend at the moment.

Happy Presidents Day!

You know you’re a slacker when the next post after “Happy New Year” is on Presidents Day. Man, I just can’t seem to get back into the dreary rut of updating this every week. Tsk tsk. Maybe this will be the post that gets me rolling again. Maybe I’ll go on a diet and start exercising too. Yeah, maybe. So anyway, we just got back from a rather glorious week in Hawaai, Maui to be specific. This was kind of a last minute deal, as a rather troubling percentage of our decisions seem to be anymore. It was based on a combination of sketchy weather at home, cheap air fare, and general boredom. The weather didn’t clear up while we were away, but it was a great time anyway. Sort of hard to go wrong with a week on the beach in February, honestly. Pluses: We had some great food, didn’t spend an exorbitant amount of money, the whales were fantastic, and we liked our resorts. Minuses: It was a little windy? That’s all I can come up with. Well, and wearing a mask for the duration of the five-hour flight, but I guess that’s just part of the game these days. For that matter, I could throw “It’s only a five hour flight to Maui from Sacramento” in the plus column and it would cancel the mask out. We got back home late on Saturday, picked up the pups, and got home for some needed rest. On Valentines Day, we went to a friends house down in EDH for a fantastic dinner. Filet mignon, mashed potatoes, caesar salad, and crab bisque. Oh man was it good. Filets are just not my favorite cut of steak, but these were fantastic.

Happy ’21

Ahhhh, that was a welcome little break. I’ve had so many fascinating activities lately that it was very hard not to jump on here and retell them, but I resisted. I’ve forgotten what they all were though, so I’ll just have to stick to this past weekend. Which, unfortunately, wasn’t nearly as adventure-packed as the prior holiday weekends, but that’s the way it goes. ** There is also some chance that I’ve done nothing but eat and sleep since mid-December. Let’s stick with the other story though.

We both, for the most part, laid on the couch and watched football all weekend. I am not sure either us had any particular interest in any of the games, but it seemed like the thing to do. We also ventured out and… Well, no, no we didn’t. We just laid on the couch. The good news is I didn’t catch the ‘Rona, the bad news is I gained (another) 10 pounds. Can’t win ’em all. I made a batch of bbq gumbo too, which came out fairly well. Luckily I have enough freezer scraps to make another batch, as it did have some “oddities.” This is probably my best documented recipe, but somehow it seems to come out differently every time. Who knows. For an added twist this time, I found out at the last minute that instead of thawing out a leftover smoked brisket, I’d grabbed an uncooked tri tip roast. Well, the doctor said I need to cut back on the beef anyway, I guess this is a sausage/turkey gumbo. Nothing wrong with that.

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays to all, and I mean that with the utmost sincerity, as well as a very heavy dose of sarcasm.

I finally got my pool table light installed. The guy that moved the table wanted $500 to install it, so I thought I’d call on my trusty CMSU electricity degree and just do it myself. Hey, when you flip the switch the lights come on, I’m gonna call that a success. You can see it’s just a few inches left of center, but close enough.

Somebody posted this bear on Next Door a few days ago. It’s about three miles up the street from us. It looks huge!

The pups sporting their Christmas jammies. They feel pretty cool.
My kitchen knife collection is finally complete. I got that one fourth from the right for my Christmas present, rounding things out nicely. Ho Ho Ho.
Random picture of dumplings. ‘Cause they’re good.