Cinco de Mayo Fest

Hola!  Como esta usted?  And now, having exhausted my complete Spanish vocabulary, I will switch back to English.  Tsk, four years of classes down the drain.  That was my best attempt at referencing our activities for the weekend, which included a mighty fine Cinco de Mayo party on Saturday night.  Our friends Michael and Alaina hosted, and as usual they went over the top.  Me, I prefer theme-less parties.  Just come over and have a party.  That is, if I ever had a party, that’s what it would be.  These guys though, they had a full bar setup, a taco truck, festive mariachi music, the whole nine yards.  Hey, as long as I don’t have to put on any special type of clothing or help with any crazy decorations, I’m game.  It was a great time, I was particularly fond of the taco truck.  The guy put out a huge spread with 5 different fillings, all of which I tried at least once.  It was “all you can eat,” and I took that phrase to a possible extreme.  The lady’s house they held it at was pretty awesome too.  I should say, the back yard was;  I never actually went inside.  I had outdoor-kitchen-envy to be sure.  Every time I think I’ve got the ideal setup, I have to see something like this lady had.  Somebody just always has it a little better I guess.

Sunday was no slouch of a day either, especially considering we didn’t have any plans to start off.  A few quick texts later, we joined a few couples at Sienna for a fun brunch.  We haven’t been to their brunch in a long time, but it didn’t seem that much had changed.  We scored a great table on the patio, and proceeded to massacre the buffet line.  It was all good, I left feeling I got my money’s worth.  After that the day was just too nice to be inside, so we headed up to the scene of the crime from the night before and spent the rest of the afteroon hanging out in the aforementioned awesome back yard.  Once again, I never went in the house, but I’m not sure why you’d really need to.  The back yard had pretty much everything you’d ever need.  As an added bonus we took the puppies with us, and they absolutely ran wild.  They seemed a little overwhelmed with so much space to run around in, but once they figured it out they definitely took some laps.  Of course, as they usually manage to do, they found some disgusting pile of “something” in the yard.  And of course, they rolled all over in it.  We closed out the day with puppy baths.

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