Crabbin’ Trip V2

That was a moderately adventurous weekend, as my weekends go.  I took a few days off work and headed down to Bodega Bay on Thursday morning for my second crabbing expedition.  It’s a pretty cool deal.  Apparently this bunch of guys have gotten together every year over the last few decades to go on this trip.  Same guys, same weekend, same campground.  This might sound like a somewhat familiar scene to some of you.  I kind of butted in on their trip two years ago and had a great time, so I decided to butt in again this year.  In Float-Trip terms, that would earn me the maligned label of “interloper.”  Hey, what are ya gonna do, I need entertained.

Anyway, interloper or not, I enjoyed my weekend.  I made a few key upgrades from the last time I went.  First, I slept in my car.  Last time I was in my tent, and I was freezing cold, uncomfortable, and all my stuff was a wet, sandy mess.  This time I was just uncomfortable, so that’s a pretty vast improvement.  I also made it a point to get some prescription sea-sickness meds.  They make these little patches that go behind your ear, and the results didn’t lie:  People wearing them didn’t get sick, people without them got sick.  To a man.  I was told to get them last time, but nobody mentioned that they were prescription, so I showed up at CVS the night before the trip and was out of luck.  And, yes, was firmly in the “got sick” category.  Other than those two key upgrades, it was essentially a repeat of the last trip.  Catch crab, clean crab, cook crab, eat crab.  And, repeat.  Good times.

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