Full Summer Mode

Well it’s gotten to the point where it’s so hot out we just don’t go outside.  Bound to happen.  It is still rather pleasant in the evenings, but by then we’re so bored we STILL stay in.  Vicious cycle.

I think we did something fun Friday night, but that was so long ago I’ve forgotten.  Sorry.  Or, maybe we didn’t.  We’ll never know.  I have some recollection of Saturday.  I got up and headed out with my kayak to one of the nearby parks, namely Negro Bar.  Usually I go to Willow Creek, but I was feeling rather adventurous and decided to branch out a bit.  OK, I missed my turn and decided it was too much trouble to turn around.  However I got there, it ended up being a good decision.  After not too much time, I came to the conclusion that it is just a lot better area than Willow Creek, at least this summer.  It was amazingly clear and the shorelines are a lot cooler.  There’s more to look at in general, to occupy my short attention span.  There’s also a few big bridges to pull up under and cool off when it get too warm.  (Or, just splash some of the icy-cold river water on you I guess.)  The reason I never go there is because parking is a little sketchy, (there’s WALKING involved, ugh,) but I came to the firm conclusion it is worth the extra effort.  After that outing I brought the car back to Donette, and she rolled down to the airport to pick up our friend Kelly.  We took her out to some average Mexican food, then treated her to a visit to my favorite spot, Steve’s Pizza.  Then we went home and turned the Royal’s game on and promptly fell asleep.  Quite the hosts, we are.

Sunday our friends Michael & Alaina came over for a big breakfast, then we headed out to Sutter Creek for a little wine tasting.  We hit our favorites:  Baiocchi, Scott Harvey, and Yorba.  Great wine, but holy smokes it was HOT.  It was all I could do to shuffle from one place to the next without getting heat stroke.  For lunch we went to the always delicious Gold Dust pizza, but it was so hot out we couldn’t even enjoy their great deck.  Finally we called no-joy on the heat and scurried back home for more Royal’s baseball and air conditioning.  It’s mercifully cooled off about ten degrees since then, so we might survive the rest of the week.

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