We got out of town for a short while last weekend, it was a much-needed break on several fronts.  Work, weather, you name it.  We rented a motor home and rolled down to the Russian River area for a few days.  In some ways, it’s not unlike the Ozarks area.  Rivers, lots of forest, and…  uhh…  different people.  I’ll spare the details.  Just…  Different.  I guess another little difference is, if you get on the river and float a few miles downstream you end up in the ocean.  Anyway, good times.  We played lots of cards, ate lots of good food, and just sort of “camped.”  We took the same trip last year and slept in a tent;  The motorhome was a welcome upgrade.  Still not ready to buy though, the rental seems like the way to go to me.

3 thoughts on “Glamping

    • Wellll there was a lot of negotiating around the dogs, and it was finally decided that NO dogs got to go. He was well cared for.

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