Indian Summer?

I’m not entirely sure what the phrase “Indian Summer” refers to, but I think we may be experiencing one.   Maybe I’ll just get on the google and check that out.  It’s hot, I know that.  The 3-day weekend was nice and appreciated and all that, but the weather really took away from it.  And, right on cue, the dog chewed holes in our low-rent pool so we didn’t even have that option for relief.  We made the most of the situation though, or at least tried.  We kicked it off on Friday by inviting our friends Michael and Alaina over for dinner.  I had a tri tip in the fridge that needed to meet the grill, and that sounded like a nice sociable option.  Well, as it turned out they already had plans.  They’d invited family up for a nice dinner.  Hey, sounds fun, what time should we be there?  What can we bring?  Sometimes you just have to jump in there and invite yourself.  We took our tri tip up and threw it on their grill, and it  came out delicious.

Saturday we went over to a friend-of-a-friend’s house for dinner.  This was edging just a bit out of my social comfort zone, but they live like a block from our house so I figured what the heck.  It turned out to be a wise decision.  The guy was a bit of a foodie and had all kinds of cool cooking toys to talk about.  He made a short rib ragout for dinner, and it was awesome.  I did leave a little earlier than everybody else, which may have been rude, but it was past my bedtime and I figure sleeping on their couch might have been even ruder.  Not sure what time Donette wandered home but she said she had fun too.

Sunday the heat wave topped out, and I had to work for a bit.  That combination of factors led to a pretty lame day.  We drove up to Auburn and picked up a wine shipment at Mount Vernon, and then I napped the afternoon away.  I had to work at 6:00, and it went as well as could be expected.  When I got done I checked in with Donette and she was up in Cameron Park at a friend’s house, so I bee-bopped on up there to join them.  We spent a few hours playing beach-ball in their neighborhood pool which felt great, then played cards to round out the day.

Monday not too much went on.  We had the bright idea to order a late-night pizza up at our friend’s house the night before, and both of us were feeling the effects.  It ain’t easy getting old.  We recently bought a new computer desk, so we just kind of puttered around the office all day putting that together, as well as dismantling the two old ones it’s replacing.  I like the new desk, it’s big enough to fit both our computers on and is actually made of wood.  It’s older though, and was apparently made before the proliferation of huge dual monitor setups.  Her dual 22″ setup works OK, but my 24″‘ setup, not so much.  I am thinking of going to a single 32″ instead.  This is considered a huge “life event,” and must be given way-too-much thought over the next several weeks.  Anyway, we got the office put back together pretty well, and were able to give away our two old desks so we don’t have to figure out how to get rid of those.  After that it was off to the couch for the evening.  Donette played on her ipad all evening, and I watched “Creep” on the patio.  (Odd movie, and more than a bit disturbing.)

Oh man, I forgot the obligatory post of the car temperature display. That is HOT. And my car is out of gas.

2 thoughts on “Indian Summer?

    • I’m loving the desk. Just got my new 34″ ultra-wide monitor to replace the dual 24″ ones. Fancy!
      I’m seriously thinking of having a pool quoted… Our yard is very small but it never hurts to check it out!

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