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Good times this weekend.  Our friends the Martins came out and joined us for a few days, and we did our best to entertain them, in our non-entertaining kind of way.  I’m rather focused on the Royals game at the moment, so I’ll just touch on a few of the highlights and then add a bunch of pics for filler.  Solid strategy.

Aside from our standard-issue wine tasting outings and restaurant visits, we actually mixed in a few genuine “activities.”  While a real rarity for us, we knew they liked to exercise occasionally so we tried to accommodate them.  Our first outing was a hike to Horsetail Falls up near Tahoe.  I guarantee that every single time we’ve driven to Tahoe I’ve said “Man I want to hike that some day,” both on the way out and back.  Well, I guess now I’ve done it.  It was a moderately difficult hike, and least for me, but well worth the effort.  I hope to go again soon as a matter of fact, maybe when it’s a little cooler.  Still a good hike though, despite being a bit on the warm side.  I like my hikes to have a “destination,” and the falls at the end was surely something to see.  I about filled up the memory on my camera taking pics along the way.  The hike took us about three hours, then we decided since we were so close to Tahoe we might as well drive on up for a late lunch.  That decision was mostly based on the fact that it was 100+ back in El Dorado Hills, and about 82 in Tahoe.  We enjoyed a tasty meal at a beach-side pub, then made the inevitable run back down to the scorching heat at home.

To close out the weekend, we took a 3.5 hour float down the American River.  I’ve “floated” on this river a few times before, but at a much higher elevation where the water is a lot rougher.  This time we were down near Sacramento, where the flow was very mellow to say the least.  We kicked back in tubes and just kind of bobbed down the river for a few hours.  The water was quite icy, but it felt good in the 100 degree heat.  A nice little diversion to be sure;  We’re planning on hitting it again this coming weekend if we have time.

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