Monday Again?!?!?

Geez, I hate to say it but I’ve got nothing.  It’s been pretty crummy out in the Western world…  I’ve been spending most of my time sitting on conference calls.  Want to hear all about them?  No, I didn’t think so.  Meanwhile all three or four of my friends (the count has gotten so high I’ve lost track) have been out of town partying it up, and left their dogs with me.  What a deal.  The good news is, little Quinn really has a big time with his pup friend.  Unfortunately they got a little destructive, but what can ya’ do.  There were some losses involving a nice  pair of sunglasses, a rug, and no small amount of sod.  Sigh.

I did get out of town for a short time last weekend.  The wife and I got up to Tahoe for a night and caught a concert with Train & O.A.R.  Not a bad show.  I was a little disappointed in OAR…  Their sound was pretty muddy and they didn’t seem too really be interested.  Maybe because it was an outdoors show and hot as blazes, who knows.

This past weekend was just a total bust.  I tried to herd the puppies all day, and walked around with my phone in my hand trying to pay attention to calls.  So lame.  Yesterday I tried to smoke some ribs, which came out marginal at best.  That was just more disappointment piled on.  Not sure what happened there, I guess I needed to give them my full attention.

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