New Annual Event In The Rotation

Good weekend out west.  We took a few days off and headed up to Tahoe for the annual Celebrity Golf Tourney.  Our friends go up there every year and have always come back saying how much fun it was, so we decided to give it a go.  That pretty much covered the whole weekend, we went all four days.  Honestly I was a little over it by the end, hampered by my lack of interest in golf and celebrities in general.  But, it beat staring at a computer monitor all day by a long shot, so I ain’t complaining.  If I was going to pick a highlight of the weekend, it would probably be the Pitbull concert Friday night.  Given my relative disdain for his music that might seem a little odd.  As it happened though, we lucked into some VIP passes and ended up 10th row center.  I don’t necessarily have to be a huge fan of the music to enjoy a good show, and he put one on.  It adds a whole new dimension when you’re that close.  One of those dimensions was that I still have greatly reduced hearing in both ears, but you can’t have it all.  For added entertainment we sat next to Doug Flutie and his family, and regaled them with fascinating stories of our life during intermissions.  I could tell he was into it by the pained grins and nods.

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