New Hardware = New Effort

Well after four years of faithful service, I updated to a new webserver in the house.  I have a not-so-firm rule that when hardware has been progressed to the point that I can get twice the specs for the same money as what I currently have, it’s time to upgrade.  Well that time arrived.  For those that care, (which if I had to guess is absolutely nobody,) I stayed with the Synology platform, but went from a DS213+ to a DS718+.  You won’t even see the 213 model out there, as they long since stopped making it.  Hey, I can’t afford to stay up with the latest greatest.  The DS213 was relegated to backups, and the old original DS111 was retired all together.  (At least until I can figure out a new use for it…)

Not a bad weekend, I don’t suppose.  The weather was about perfect if nothing else.  Matter of fact, Saturday was so nice out that we busted out my friend Michael’s convertible and went driving around, semi-aimlessly.  Never thought I’d see the day when I got in a car just for the sake of driving, but it was that nice.  We hit a butcher shop about 20 miles away and bought a few interesting cuts of meat, and then worked our way back through various points of interest.  For dinner we hit their house and grilled up some of the afternoon purchases.

Sunday was ruined by the fact that I had to work at 6:00 in the evening.  It just kind of brings down the whole day.  I watched the Royals game on the patio, and I guess we went out to a fairly nice meal at Cascada.  Mostly I just sat around and moped about having to work.

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