Weekend Away

Fine weekend for us.  Donette had been in Orange County all week working, and I met her there Friday morning for a little mini-vacation.  We were headed for San Diego, but my Aunt and Uncle live about 1/2-way there so we stopped in for a visit at their house, which we’d never seen before.  We had a great lunch and did some catching up, then headed on our way to San Diego.

The rest of the weekend was sight-seeing and general touristy stuff.  It went by a little too fast, I think we’ll be back in the not-too-distant future to check out more of the sights.  I’ve got a lot of pictures from the trip but I’ll spare you all of them;  Here’s some of what I thought were the best.  It maddens me that they’re all out of order, but apparently not enough to figure out how to fix it.  Most are of breweries, and the USS Midway museum, which was really about all we had time for.

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