Yeah, Baby!

Well that was an….  interesting weekend.  It kicked off Friday with a light after-work function at Hop House.  Met a vendor down there with a few other guys, didn’t stay too long.  After that I rolled home and fixed something-or-another for dinner….  The details escape me.  Seems like I had fun.

Saturday was something of an adventure, I suppose.  We met up with our friends Michael and Alaina and went to a costume party at one of their friends house.  Really.  I’m not kidding.  It was an Austin Powers theme party, and I suppose it was fun.  I suppose.  Donette put some amount of work into both our costumes so I was obligated to go and play along.  We went as Dr. Evil and Frau Farbissina from the jail scene in Austin Powers 3.  Not bad get-ups, especially Donette’s hair.  Now of course I did have some reservations about the entire concept.  First and probably most important:  Why the theme?  Why not just have people over and talk and have fun?  I have trouble enough with that part;  Add in dressing up like a dork and it makes it even more difficult.  I just don’t grasp the “fun” part of the theme parties.  Never will.  I’m against them.  Second, it was 90 flippin’ degrees, and I’m standing around in jeans and a long sleeve shirt pouring sweat.  Yeah, that took a little away from it too.  If I ever have a party I’m going to call it a “no theme” party.  Yeah.  That’ll show ’em.  I’ll probably do that in a week or two.

Sunday was more my speed.  We went to brunch at El Dorado Saloon with Quinn.  The morning was quite pleasant on their patio, even if service was a bit spotty.  I think everyone was enjoying the slight break in the heat, they were pretty overwhelmed.  It was easily overlooked though, and once Quinn got his tri tip breakfast bowl he had not a care in the world.  After that we sort of rambled all over the place, literally.  We went to another spot in El Dorado Hills, then back to the house for a bit of work, then up to Placerville, then right back to dinner in El Dorado Hills.  Sunday-Funday, indeed.

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