Easter 2024

Finally an exciting weekend! (All things being relative… I left the house, so that ranks exciting in my life.) This year, I finally got around to attending a long overdue float trip with my college buddies. This has been a fraternity tradition since… Well, a long time ago. I never can remember the year, I believe I heard ’66. Always Easter weekend, and always at Pettit’s Canoe Rental. There are several guys well older than I still going, all the way down to guys currently attending college. I’ve only been one time since moving to California, and every Easter since then I’ve just sat on the couch moping and wishing I’d have made the effort to go. But, every year, the logistics of traveling there with camping gear, transportation down to the river, etc, just sort of overwhelm me. I’d already bailed out this year too in my head, but when a couple of guys called a few weeks ago and said they’d rented a VRBO I could share, it was on. I bought plane tickets the same day, and have been anxiously awaiting the trip since. The only less-than-ideal part was, I flew into St Louis instead of KC, so I didn’t get to see all my KC family and friends. But, my cramped timeline wouldn’t have really allowed it anyway. On the upside, St Louis is a direct flight at a much lower cost, and a buddy picked me up at the airport and drove me to the river. (The drive to the river is about two hours shorter than from KC also.) All about the compromises I guess. Anyway, the trip was fantastic, I had a great time. I guess I have really missed seeing those clowns. Even if we’ve been telling the same stories for the last 35 years, I always laugh like I’ve never heard them. And the VRBO was the way to go, even at the expense of rather merciless taunting from the camp crowd. Hurl all the insults you want boys, I’m gonna go sit in the hot tub for a bit.

I got back home late Saturday night, and Easter Sunday was spent on the couch. Donette went to brunch at a friends house, which sounded great, but in truth I’m a little worse for wear. Multiple bruises, a slight sunburn, and just general soreness. So instead of enjoying a delicious ham, I watched the NCAA basketball games and then an Easter-themed movie, Easter Bloody Easter. This soon-to-be-classic holiday film, set in the small southern town of Walburg, is a wonderfully done tale of romance, revenge, intrigue, and heroism. Despite the ridiculous story line, completely unintelligible dialogue, and horrible special effects, it still manages to be an absolutely awful movie. Of course I sort of liked it, I’ll probably add it to my annual rotation.

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