Happy Thanksgiving

One “major holiday” in the books. Few more to get through. Hopefully everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving, we sure did. We ended up over a friend’s house, sponging off their family event, as we usually do out here. I’d say it was a pretty standard-issue turkey-day; Far too much food, but all of it so delicious I had to shovel it all in. Even the oven-roasted turkey came out well, if a touch tardy. OK, a lot tardy, but we’ll leave that part out. We enjoyed a smoked bird also, which was my preference anyway.

The rest of the weekend was spent in recovery mode. Our big outing was a drive down to El Dorado Hills on Saturday, to purchase the “special of the week” at my favorite grocery store. Marinated artichokes were on sale, regularly $5.50 per jar, but for two days only they were $1 per jar! WOW!!! We bought the last six jars. And yes, this is what qualifies as excitement in my life these days.