Rain, Rain

Wow, big storms out west. It was reported yesterday that we’ve received a third of our total annual rainfall over the weekend. That is pretty wild. Sure seems like it though, it’s been dumping. We lost power last night around 10:00 PM, and it just came back on. What a nuisance. I was about to hook the generator up when it finally came back on. Some day our eternally back-ordered Tesla batteries will come in and that hassle will be a thing of the past.

Other than that unwanted excitement, I guess it was sort of a down weekend. Saturday was just a bit eventful, as we took our little foster pup Grey to a “meet and greet” and some suckers (errrr, I mean “loving family”) adopted her. Actually they were a very nice couple, with a little boy. Hopefully the pup works out for them. I was just a little worried… young puppies just ain’t for everyone. Pretty sure we found a good match though when they sent us a picture of Grey in a new sweater she’d knitted her on Sunday. Then, a few hours later, another. Side note, I found it rather impressive that somebody could knit a little doggy sweater that fast. Looks complicated to me.

Sunday, blech. I have to say, I was pretty excited for the Chiefs game. What a letdown. Not even remotely entertaining. I did make a semi-tasty pot of ham and beans to sooth the sting though. They came out OK. I used a recipe off the Hursts Beans site. I’ve always wanted to try that 15 bean mix, for some inexplicable reason. Pretty solid! Tasted like… well… ham and beans. I did not, however, add the tomatoes as called for. Because this is America. And Americans don’t put tomatoes in ham and beans. I pointed this out to them in a strongly worded email, which they for some reason seemingly ignored. Either that or a SWAT team is in route to my house.

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