Rainy & Cold

I guess we’ve hit the requisite rainy stretch for the winter. It’s the water supply for the rest of the year, so I guess it’s a necessary evil, but man is it a drag. We just didn’t do a whole lot this weekend, mostly due to the weather. Who wants to go out in the pouring rain? (Not us, apparently.) We spent the majority of the weekend on the couch, watching a lot of movies. I won’t even list them all, there were too many. We ran the gamut of our library, everything from a few 80’s favorites to some of this years Oscar nominations. Some were good, some were… Not.

I guess I’d have to say the highlight of my past week was a great cheese find at Costco. (Queue the “you know you don’t get out much when…” jokes.) I was cruising the aisles making sure there wasn’t something I couldn’t go without and there it was: A big block of Point Reyes blue cheese. I realize this particular dairy product can be a bit polarizing, but I happen to enjoy it. I’ve been wanting to get down to Point Reyes and visit their dairy for quite a while, but it just hasn’t been in the cards. I guess for now I’ll have to be satisfied with a great deal on their product. (It was WAY cheaper than on their website.) We had some on our salad for Valentines Day, and then made bacon-blue burgers Sunday night. I guess that’s the one small issue with things at Costco; It was only packaged in 1 pound sizes. That is a lot of blue cheese. Thinking about creating a new breakfast sandwich to use some up.