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I really can’t think of anything we’ve done this month, but I suppose I should type something up anyway. It’s free, and I don’t have anything else to do. I have to think our season of hibernation is about to end though. If the forecast is to be believed (always a sketchy bet,) we should be in for a lengthy stretch of dry, warm weather starting Wednesday. We’ve had a few intermittent windows of sun, but for the most part it’s been cloudy and rainy for several weeks. Now, if we actually take advantage of the nice weather remains to be seen. Surely good intentions count for something.

I don’t want to strain myself trying to remember too far back, so I’ll briefly cover last weekend and pretend the past few weeks never happened. (Which, in a sense, they didn’t.) Saturday was my only evening of note, when we went to a trivia night at a local winery. Trivia is just quite the fad out here, maybe it is everywhere? I’ve never been to one myself, but now I have. Yeah, check that one off. Eh, it was pretty fun actually, I think I might go to another. I wasn’t much for input to the answers though, most of the questions I thought were pretty random. I actually have my doubts about the moral character of the winning team, I think there may have been some shenanigans involved there. They got nearly a perfect score; Either they cheated, or they were a group of complete nerds. I’m not ruling out either, or possibly a combo of these scenarios.

Sunday was, as everyone knows, the Oscars awards. Donette likes to get together with friends for dinner and watch the show. Personally, I don’t have a lot of use for it, having seen very few of the movies and not recognizing the majority of the names. So, as is my annual tradition, I stayed home and watched my own movies and babysat the pups. The showing at my house this year was “Winnie The Pooh: Blood & Honey.” While it is my understanding that this cinematic masterpiece was not represented with an Oscar nomination, I found it quite riveting, well-done entertainment. OK, it was awful. It fully earned that incredibly low 2.9/10 rating. I understand part 2 is coming out soon, maybe it will fare better. Can’t be much worse. Oh, I also finished the book I’ve been reading, “Nos4a2.” That was a good read, I may search out a few more of his books. I do have a few major complaints regarding it, but as the friend who lent it to me hasn’t read it yet I’ll keep my spoilers to myself.

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