And A Happy New Year

Not a bad weekend, all things considered.  We started it off Friday after work by going on an honest-to-goodness date at 36 Handles.  Since moving here we went from going out nearly every night to maybe two or three times a month.  A harsh drop-off, to be sure.  I’m not completely certain of the reasons behind that change in habit.  Might be budgetary, or maybe we just don’t like any of the places around here.  At any rate, we busted loose and stayed a few hours at that place, which I do sort of like.  After that we headed home and played several rounds of dominoes, then broke out the Wii and rocked our faces off to Rock Band for several hours.  I don’t think we’ve ever played dominoes together, and I know we haven’t played Rock Band in probably two years.  Just an all-around wacky night for the old folks!

There was a price to be paid for all that entertainment, of course.  Saturday we slept in quite late, then crawled to the couch and watched college basketball for the majority of the afternoon.  I did manage to limp up to the park with Teagan and play fetch for a bit, mostly just to tire her out so she wouldn’t drive me nuts all night.  Surely we did something awesomely fun and wacky too, but the details regarding that portion of the day escape me at the moment.  It was too darn nice outside to sit around watching TV all day.  Things happen though.

Sunday we were just a bit more enterprising.  We got around at the crack of 10:00 and headed to the gym, a good start to any day.  After that we felt we deserved some calories, so we headed out to lunch at a place called Cascada.  This marked our first attempt at a Mexican restaurant since moving here.  All-in-all, I’d call it a success.  I had chicken adovado, and Donette opted for an asada burrito.  I thought both were very good, maybe with a nod towards the burrito as the better of the two.  I can’t say I really cared for the “feel” of the place, or the prices, but at least the food was good.  I imagine we’ll be back, if only due to the relatively close proximity to our house.  By the time we finished lunch, the games were on, so we headed back home and turned the TV on.  Once again we were denied the Chief’s broadcast, and were stuck watching the 49ers.  Donette promptly fell asleep, and I sort of stared at it with limited interest.  For dinner I tried a new recipe, spicy linguine with clams & mussels.  Our menu at home is generally dictated by the sale ad at the nearby grocery store, and this one was no exception:  The shellfish was on sale for $2.99, can’t beat that.  It came out very well, I label it a keeper.  The mussels were awesome too, which I’m somewhat excited about.  I do like me some mussels, and the offerings in KC could be a little…  dicey.  Also on sale are whole dungeness crabs for a mere $4.99 per lb, which intrigues me.  I have absolutely no idea what to do with one of those things, but I guess I better give it a go while they’re on sale.  Anybody ever tackle one of those creatures????

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