And I’m Back. Sorta. Kinda. Not Really.

This whole website thing is a real pain. Something is broken, I don’t know what, and I really don’t care to put a whole lot of effort into figuring it out. Things should just work, you know? But, I guess sometimes they just don’t.

Anyway… What have we been up to over this extended down-time? Not a lot, honestly. Friday night we stayed in and made pasta. We haven’t done that in a while, and need to do it more often. Good wholesome fun, right? We made some linguine noodles, and served it with shrimp alfredo. OK, the alfredo sauce was out of a jar, but we added some basil from our garden and some good shrimp from the grocery, and it made a more than passable dish. After that I retired to the couch in the back yard to watch a movie… Something of an unfortunately common ending to my days anymore.

Saturday we did just not a whole lot. We were dog-sitting for the weekend, and the three of them together can be…. “challenging.” They take a watchful eye, to be sure. Mostly Quinn and his partner in crime, Renfield. I don’t speak doggy, but it is almost like they are communicating bad ideas to each other somehow. Alone they are “not bad.” (Which is not say “good” by any stretch.) Put them together and they dig holes in the yard, carry in random disgusting things and leave them around the house, and bark incessantly at nothing. Bad eggs. They do entertain each other, though, which is nice. I just wish they could be a bit less destructive about it. We did risk a venture out of the house around 5:00 to meet some friends for happy hour, which was fun. We headed down the street to Moto. I like that place, and we don’t get there very often. It hit the spot for sure. I think we ran through their entire appetizer menu, and doubled up on a few.

Sunday we watched the 49’ers game, and then did a little light house hunting. We’ve been “considering” moving, but so far it’s been one big disappointment. We set our price-point at about Way-More-Than-I-Ever-Thought-I’d-Spend-On-A-House, and we’ve been shopping for a few months. What you get in said price-point is disheartening to say the least. Most are somewhere between unlivable and total rehab. Add into the fun, you have to drive about 45 minutes out to find anything at all in that range. Might be stuck in the ‘burbs for a while longer at this rate. (Speaking of disheartening.)

3 thoughts on “And I’m Back. Sorta. Kinda. Not Really.

  1. #1 – Yay, you’re back!

    #2 – Didn’t you have that house built for you? Why you wanna up and leave it? Inquiring minds.

    #3 – Yay, you’re back!!!

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