Anybody Seen A Blue Scooter?

It occurred to me this morning that I haven’t heard from the scooter shop in quite some time.  Uhhh, are you still working on it?  Odd.  I’m not nervous yet though, because for one thing I’m dreading getting it back home, and I rather enjoy the extra garage space.  Hopefully they didn’t just sell it for parts though, it was a rather sketchy looking place.

The weather is shaping up quite nicely here, we made good use of our back patio area this past weekend.  Friday I was heading to the Hop House by myself, when it struck me that I might as well just sit on my own back porch.  Indeed, I think I enjoyed it much more than the Hop House.  I could watch whatever I wanted on TV, do a little grilling, and generally enjoy the evening, all while saving a considerable amount of change.  All good things.

We had plans with some other couples for Valentines Day, but when it came down to the wire nobody felt like fighting the crowds.  (At least with us…  Maybe that was the case…)  By late afternoon everybody had expressed their general disinterest, so I headed up to the grocery and bought my own feed.  It was pretty much a duplicate of our New Year’s Eve dinner;  ribeye steak with lobster, and asparagus.  I thought the lobster came out much better this time though, I’m getting the new grill figured out.

Yesterday I had big plans of shopping all day, but it was just too nice out.  Instead of running errands, we went to Relish Burger and enjoyed their nice patio for quite a while.  I’m not sure when you pass the time-frame for “leisurely lunch” and cross into “loitering” but I’d say we were pretty close to that fine line.  Oh well, we didn’t get kicked out.  I did manage to make it Over The Hill (as it’s commonly referred to) to Folsom and hit the World Market.  Dangerous place, they have all sorts of cool looking stuff.  I stuck with my target items though;  A new paella pan and a few groceries to go with it.  I was quite excited to put together my first paella effort last night, but Doni wasn’t behind that idea so it’ll have to wait until this evening.

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