At Home In Salome

Ahhhh, back from a moderately relaxing vacation. We packed up the motorhome back on the 5th and took off for sunny Salome, Arizona for a full week stay. Not exactly a common destination I would imagine, but our friend’s mother stays the winter there so we went down for a visit before she heads north for the summer. (Apparently Salome regularly hits 115 in the summer; Yeah no thanks.) We had a great time, a nice mixture of kicking back with the occasional activity thrown in for good measure. They’ve got this sweet ATV, as pretty much everybody in the area does. Some friends of theirs were nice enough to loan us two more so we got to do some desert exploring. It’s something of an official pastime there it seems, and there are more miles of trail than you could probably ever cover. And those ATV’s, (not sure what they’re officially called… not a four-wheeler but not a dune buggy either) would pretty much go over anything in their way without so much as spinning a tire. Good times. I immediately started shopping them, but quickly found out they can’t be street licensed in CA, the No-Fun-State. That would limit it’s usefulness around here quite a bit. That was the whole week I guess, nothing else to report on. The motorhome treated us good (knock on wood…) and the whole trip was just pretty smooth. I might look into leaving the dogs behind next time, we’ll see. They just aren’t used to being alone, and you can’t very well have them tagging along everywhere. Luckily a nice neighbor checked on them in the motorhome while we were gone, but they were still plenty anxious when we got back every day, to put it mildly. Nacho has a shriek that just can’t be described; I need to video it someday so people will believe it.

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