Lame weekend. I haven’t put in so much couch-time since… Well, probably last weekend. Usually I can sort of disguise it as “relaxed” though; This weekend was just boring. I did watch the majority of the basketball games, some of which were entertaining. At the end of the day I didn’t care much who won or lost though, so that takes some of the excitement out of it. I was hoping for a little run from MU, but they went out in the first round. Probably for the best, they’d have just been destroyed by Gonzaga like Oklahoma was. We also tried our first attempt at the “order ahead” grocery thing. Yeah, you get on their website and order all your groceries, then go pick it up and they put it in your trunk for you. Lesson learned, always check the “no substitutions” box. I ordered my annual corned beef. I was actually a bit excited about it matter of fact, as I had a new pastrami seasoning recipe I was going to bust out on it this year. She got all the way home, and they’d given me a bottom round. AAAGGGHHHH!!!! I said brisket!!! What the heck am I supposed to do with this thing? Ugh. I threw it on the smoker anyway, but I don’t have very high hopes. I’d say ’21 is pretty much ruined.

In the very short “positive” column, I got my new skillet! Yes, such is my life these days, new skillets are big news. The biggest news was that it finally came. I ordered that thing in November! I considered asking for a refund several times over the last 16 weeks, but I really wanted my skillet. Geez, 16 weeks. “Oh, the covid, oh the shipping times, oh the holidays…” SIXTEEN WEEKS?!?!?! IT’S A SKILLET!!!! This company makes a grand total of two things: A 10″ skillet and a 12″ skillet. That’s it!!! Two things!!! And it takes that long!??!!? Well whatever, I guess I finally have it, and I like it. The only thing I’d remark on is that it’s an odd color. I already knew that, and I knew it would bother me, but I ordered it all the same. It’s kind of a copper color. Cast iron skillets are black. That’s about all there is to that story. “Well, it will get darker with use.” Guess what, NEW cast iron skillets are black too. Hey, I cooked some eggs and they didn’t stick, I guess that’s about all I should ask at this point.

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