Break In The Weather

Hey, it’s nice out! We enjoyed a nice little stretch of 70 degree weather over the weekend, and managed to take advantage of it to some degree. Saturday we got out of the house around noon and visited one of the nearby wineries. We weren’t terribly interested in the wine, our sights were set on their fantastic patio. The dogs came along for the ride, and we managed to kill a few hours in the sunshine.

Sunday turned out even nicer than Saturday, but we felt a moral obligation to watch the Chiefs game. We headed down to EDH to watch it at a friends house. Luckily he had it on outside, so we managed to enjoy the game and the weather! It was so nice and we were having so much fun, we even stayed for the whole 49’ers game too. They are, of course, a big San Fran household, so the stage is set for another Superbowl showdown between our teams.

Random side note; We watched a movie at home last night, and I made popcorn. Made it in the dutch oven! This was quite exciting to me, never done that. I wasn’t too confident in the success, figured it would come out burned or half popped or who knows what. Came out great! I think it’s even faster than the microwave too, I’m sold. I used bacon grease, which got a mixed review. I liked it, but due to other negative feedback I’ll probably stick with veggie oil next time.