Well a new year, and an all-new WordPress interface. I hope I can figure out how to use it, it is significantly different. Knowing my old-man challenges with change in general, I probably should have left it alone.

Anyway, I guess I will make some attempt at getting back into the routine of updating this. I have to ease into it though, so I’ll kick things off with just some pictures taken during my extended absence.

4 thoughts on “OK OK

    • Have you tried the new one much? I haven’t decided if I like it or not. I’m so excited to get something different, for free, that I’m trying it out for a while.

      • I don’t dislike it, but it makes working with documents that you’ve already created next to impossible unless you convert them to the new block format (which, in a few cases, I have done).

        I think it has potential but, at my content update rate, it might be a few months before a full verdict is rendered.

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