Quick Island Trip

We were able to sneak out of town for a quick getaway last week. It was short, but much needed and quite enjoyable. We got up super early last Sunday morning and drove down to San Jose airport, and flew out for a nice week on the beach in Kauai. We pretty much nailed the weather; It was rainy and “chilly” in El Dorado Hills, and sunny and 80 all week in Kauai. (I used the quotes there to point out that weather is pretty relative… By chilly I mean high in the 50’s. I understand it is chillier elsewhere on the continent.) All-in-all, a great trip. Donette’s nephew Justin and his fiancĂ© joined us, and we did some mighty serious relaxing. Plenty of beach-time, not a whole lot of “activities.” We did take a whale watching trip, which is one of our Hawaii staples. It was a good one too. Nothing super exciting, but we at least saw lots of them. The only snag of the week (my trips always seem to have at least one snag,) was a minor fender bender in the rental car. We were stopped in the seemingly endless traffic on our way to the beach, and out of the blue got blasted from behind by some lady. She actually hit the guy behind us, so hard that he was pushed into us. It turned out to be a minor ordeal though; The cops came, took a report, and we were back on our way. We’ll see how minor the rental company thinks it was when they get back to us….

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