Dang It Chiefs!!!

I went into last night’s watch-party fully expecting a Chiefs defeat.  Given that, it probably shouldn’t bum me out at much as it did.  What a drag!  They had me thinking they were actually going to pull it out.  Sigh, turned out just like every other playoff game.  We did have a fun afternoon of it though.  We went over to a friends house and watched both games while enjoying some good food.  Well at least we made it through 1/2 of the Chiefs game…  Nobody else was interested in that one so we bailed at halftime and watched the rest at home, where we could give our undivided attention to the inevitable outcome.

I made a big ol’ pot of bbq gumbo for the game, that ate up my whole Saturday.  I only make it once a year and it always catches me off guard just how long it takes.  Between all the chopping, 1.5 hours to make the roux, 1.5 hours of simmering (after spending nearly an hour to even get that much liquid to a simmer,) and cooling it down to the point you can put it away, it’s a 1/2-day project.  Didn’t have anything else to do I guess.  My favorite part of making gumbo?  When you add the veggies to the roux.  I’m gonna say that is my favorite smell in the entire world.  They should make candles out of that smell.  Cologne maybe, it would drive the ladies crazy.  Or make them hungry anyway.

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