Full House

Whew, we finally had some out-of-town guests up at the new ranch. Fun, but tiring. Then again, I get tired walking across the room, so that’s not saying much. Anyway, my Mom, sister and brother-in-law came up on the 23rd for a short stay. For excitement, we treated them to a real California PSPS! Good grief. Yep, house full of company and out go the lights, right on cue. We fired up the generator and tried to make the best of it, as there’s really not much else to do about it. Ran into a new snag this time; It is getting cold at night! The house was a rather crisp 58 degrees in the morning. We figured out how to fire up the gas fireplace, but the fan is electric so it was kind of limited in heat output. Guess we really need to get the generator hooked up correctly before winter hits.

They finally turned us back on Tuesday evening. My family had left that morning, and then our friend Kelly from KC flew in that night. I kind of tried to stay low-profile and let them do their girls schedule, but I did join them one afternoon for some wine tasting. She left this morning, and we are empty-nesting again. I did a woeful job taking pics while everybody was here, but I have a few.

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