Happy Birthday to Me

Another year in the books! I swear they keep getting longer. I guess at least they keep coming. I had a good time of it this year. Seems like I’ve just kind of let the last few slip by unnoticed, but I had an actual party this year! Granted, the guests didn’t actually know it was a birthday party, but I did so that’s what is important. I had a good time of it. Fired up the smoker and threw on some meat, and we hung out playing games and enjoying the nice weather all afternoon.

So that was Saturday, then Sunday we got up and drove to Napa for a Dwight Yoakam concert. Neither of us have ever seen him, so we were pretty excited. I would give the show 2 thumbs up. Donette wasn’t a fan of the rather “subdued” venue, but I sure was. Dwight is 67 years old, and the majority of the crowd was at least 110; There was no need to be getting all stirred up. Plus, it was at the Meritage Hotel (ooohhhh, fancy,) which just isn’t the place for getting all crazy. All in all, great show!

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