Here We Go Again

Welcome to 2017.  Hope it’s a good year, can’t get any worse!  (Jinx.)  I’m kicking things off with my customary positive outlook.  We’ve got a few exciting trips planned, the weather has been decent so far, and I think things are looking up in general.  We had a relatively solid holiday season, all things considered.  Donette did some pretty heavy travelling, and I even left our circle myself a few times.  To kick off the New Year, we flew out to Las Vegas for the weekend.  Had I read about “New Years in Vegas” before we made those plans, I most likely would not have gone.  I had it in my head that nobody else would be there, and it would be a nice semi-relaxing weekend.  I quickly found quite the opposite; It’s considered one of the largest celebrations in the nation.  Eeeesh, it was crazy.  To top it off, I was pretty sick the whole time too.  If there’s a large outbreak of flu across the nation in the near future, you’re probably looking at Patient Zero.  I’m certain I infected several hundred people on the strip on New Years Eve.  Not my fault they kept bumping into me, serves them right.  All in all I rate the trip a success though, good times.