Jayhawkers in my House

We actually had company this weekend! Our friends David and Jill, from our Texas days, stopped in and spent the weekend with us. We haven’t seen them in so long that they were unaware of our perpetually boring lifestyle, and so they came anyway. They may never come back again, but it was good to see them for a few days anyway. (Despite being KU fans; We all have our character flaws I suppose.)

They wheeled in to town on Friday, and we met up with them at Millhouse in Cameron Park. The weather was great, so we got to enjoy their huge outdoor seating area. I guess I still love to hate that place… Their whole service model is just abysmal. They’ve been open at least six months now, so I’m starting to lose hope that they’ll ever get it ironed out. But, I keep going back, so shame on me I suppose.

Saturday the weather continued it’s unseasonably warm streak, so we took off wine tasting. We only hit two spots, Narrow Gate & Edio, but that’s usually enough. The second place, Edio, kind of wore me out anyway. They have sort of an annual fall event up in that area, not even sure what it’s called. I call it crazy. We even called ahead and asked if it was too busy, and were told nope it was slow. LIARS! It was just insane. We couldn’t even turn off the road, the parking lot was full so people were just stopping on the road in confusion. It’s not just their place either, it’s the whole area up there, so traffic coming and going was total chaos. We made it in and out though, but then scurried back home to relax. We lit the firepit and sat around that for a while, then hot-tubbed it. Oh, and before we left in the morning I’d thrown a chuck roast in the crock pot with a jar of homemade salsa verde. It was nice and tender by the time we got home and made fantastic tacos. Little departure from our usual pork recipe, luckily it turned out OK.

Sunday when we all got up and around, David made a breakfast casserole to get us started. Their travels on the way here had taken them through Albuquerque NM, and lucky for us they grabbed a few extra jars of Weck’s salsa. That stuff is the real deal. Boy it lit me up though, had to keep the dish towel handy for my head. They left a bonus jar too, can’t wait to make it again. After letting my tummy settle for a bit, we loaded up and drove to the Lotus area for a Christmas Fair. (Oh pardon me, it’s a “Faire.” I think the “e” means it’s a lot fancier than just a regular fair.) Our friends from Two Lee’s Boutique set up a booth there every year, and it’s always fun to go walk around and check out all the stuff. The weather was great and they had a good food truck, so it was definitely a nice way to wrap up the weekend.