Lake Siskiyou 2020

This last weekend was a scratch. Let’s just pretend it didn’t happen. Luckily I have some material from the previous weekend to blather on about, or a least a bunch of photos. So last Thursday, as in the 13th, we finally got to take our new motorhome out. We went in on one with some friends back in March, and about the time we closed the deal everything got locked down. Figures. Technically we’ve been out in it once, but it was so long ago I can’t really remember. This was a bona fide “Trip.” We took off driving Thursday night after work, and made it to a truck stop near the California/Oregon border. (A casino that allows overnight parking, actually.) We called it a night there, then the next morning took off again, destination Klamath Falls, OR. Our friends have family there, so we spent a few days visiting them. Had a big bbq, toured Alaina’s home town haunts, and that kind of good stuff.

We stayed through Saturday night, then got up and backtracked to Lake Siskiyou, which we’d passed by on the way to OR. It is in the middle of a mountain range, and made for a quite scenic weekend camp. Bit short though. We could have stood at least two more nights. Alas, stupid jobs and stuff. We rented a pontoon boat and cruised the lake, enjoyed the views, made some great food, and tried to keep the dogs occupied. Solid trip, but definitely ready to head out again. Of course, we did experience the requisite motorhome issue, as is the case nearly every time you take one out I think. When we were putting the slides in getting ready to leave her Dad’s house, there was a quite audible “crack.” After some searching, we found the slide is just a bit off, and had gotten caught, sheering off a pvc drain pipe in the process. Blech. Luckily her Dad has tons of tools and is quite handy with him, so he was able to save the day. (Well, he saved our day anyway; Probably ruined his, it took like 4 hours.)

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  1. Lake Shasta is very beautiful. Hope you get to go on another trip soon. Michael is doing a great job on the grill. Hope you’re feeling OK with your back.

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