Lose a Few, Lose a Few

That wasn’t much of a weekend. We had another brunch on the schedule for Sunday, which essentially was the only notable event on my calendar. Alas, it got wrecked by work at the last minute and I had to cancel. I was genuinely excited to hone my biscuit recipe too. Tragic. Other than the canceled brunch, we also… No, there was nothing else. Bad movies and the occasional game of fetch with the pups. Speaking of pups, I guess we did babysit again. Our friend Dakota came up and hung out with us for a few nights while her family was on a trip. Dakota is a little bigger than last weekends guest; She’s a retriever, cleverly shaved down to look like a lab. (I think her haircut embarrasses her, but hey, it’s hot up here.) Her and Quinn had a great time running around all weekend. Nacho, as usual, was terrified of the huge monster, which amused me probably more than it should have. Well, anyway, maybe next weekend will be better. If I was a bettin’ man…

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