Motivation is Low(er)

I just can’t seem to get fired up these days. Actually “fired up” is a long way off; Heck, I’d settle for “mildly interested.” Oh well. I spent the last few weekends out in the RV at a nearby park, just to mix up the scenery, so that was fun. The river is still way too cold and fast to swim or raft or really anything, but still kind of a good time. Mostly I just walked laps around the campground and cooked. Could be worse. Did a little mountain biking too. I haven’t ridden that thing in over a year, so it was good to back on some dirt. I found a really easy trail just a few miles from the campground, and it was pretty much perfect for me. Crashing just hurts too much anymore, I prefer to just pedal along. Had to dodge a few hikers and horses, but for the most part it was a nice, quiet ride. That will stay on my list of “things to do” next time I get out there.

2 thoughts on “Motivation is Low(er)

    • It’s a nice little get away, especially before it gets too hot. I towed the Jeep out there this time too, so I wasn’t stuck at the campground the whole time.

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