Moving Date Nears

All-in-all, a rather non-eventful weekend.  Donette spent a good amount of time off with “the girls,” leaving me to my own means of entertainment.  That translates into “watching Royals games and playing catch with the dog.”  Rather relaxing and enjoyable actually, it just doesn’t make for very good weekend recaps.  Friday I met her at the new house for a quick check of the progress, then we headed to Ruff Haus for a quick happy hour.  After that I headed home to watch the Royals game on the patio, while she went off to Folsom to meet up with a small group of friends at some-place-or-another.  I was fast asleep by the time she got home, as any normal person would be.  Out running the streets of Folsom after dark like a bunch of hoodlums, tsk tsk.

Saturday was typically unproductive.  I think we might have gone to Folsom on a shopping trip or something, then my day was marred with a few hours of work.  I was rather looking forward to a night of checkers with the wife, but Ms. Socialite again headed off to dinner with friends, and I again watched the baseball game on the patio.  There are worse ways to spend an evening, the weather is getting quite nice here.  I grilled some chicken to pass the time while I was at it, and threw Teagan’s ball a few (thousand) times.

Sunday we got up rather early, and headed for the never-before-visited town of Woodland, to meet some friends for breakfast.  The Greers & Martins had been in Napa for the weekend, and were heading to the airport to fly back to KC.  We met up at a place called Don’s Diner, courtesy of a random google search.  Apparently they are much better at choosing new places to eat than myself, because it was quite good.  I’d go so far as to say it was without a doubt the best breakfast I’ve had since moving here.  Unfortunately it was a good 45 minutes from the house so it’s not like we will be frequenting it though.  We enjoyed our delicious meals and listened to the rather fascinating tales of the earthquake that hit while they were in Napa that morning.  I’d just glimpsed the headlines before we left that morning, but had no idea how much damage there was until I saw the pictures they’d taken.  Wow, it is quite a mess.  I’m here for a year and don’t feel any quakes, they visit for a weekend and get rocked, figures.  (And, just like tornadoes in Missouri, that’s just fine with me.)

Here’s a few last pictures of the house, we do our final walk-through this week.  (OK, I’d bet I post more during the move fiasco.)

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