Party Party

Another quarantine-ish weekend. Lame. We did have some friends up for a nice happy hour Friday I guess. A little dinner, a few games of pool, that kind of stuff. It’s hard to get people to come out here to the boondocks very often, but we enjoy our infrequent visitors when they come. It must have really taken the wind out of us though, because Saturday we didn’t do a thing. Well, we did go out to lunch I guess. On a whim, we decided to roll over to “downtown” Placerville to kick around a bit, and decided on Cascada for lunch. We’ve been there several times, it’s pretty solid for around here anyway. The only downside is the whole current outdoor-dining thing. C’mon, it’s 100 degrees out. I guess at least I wasn’t shuttling hot plates around like the poor wait staff, but geez it was hot. They put up some tents for a little shade, but that’s just stifling. Oh well, I guess we enjoyed some tasty enchiladas at any rate. It really knocked us out for the rest of the day though. The remainder of the afternoon and evening was spent on the couch watching B (maybe more like C- or D) horror movies and several 70’s Kung-Fu flicks. Quality entertainment.

Sunday we went over to a friend’s house for a big pool party. She’s only 7, but knows how to throw a pretty good bash. Plus, there was free ice cream and cake and stuff, so we weren’t about to miss it. There was swimming, tattoos, and a photo booth, so we were amply entertained. It was another hot day, but the pool definitely helped out. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

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