Random Effort

So my website is still kind of messed up. I’m trying to keep it up though. As it turns out, I noticed it works OK with Chrome; Firefox not so much. Ten years ago I would have worked on fixing it until it was good with both. But, it ain’t ten years ago… I’ll just grudgingly use Chrome for now.

I can’t say that was most exciting weekend I’ve ever had, but it certainly wasn’t the most boring either. OK maybe Friday was the most boring day I’ve ever had. It happens. We were worn out from another big Halloween, and just kind of lazed around. Halloween was good, as it happens. We had a few people over, and hung out around our fire pit in the driveway passing out candy and eating chili. I’d say we probably had 75 or so kids come by, although we weren’t really counting. Seemed like a lot, and we did get rid of a substantial amount of candy. (Although, looking at the pile of wrappers in the trash can the next day, a significant amount may have been consumed by us.) And, for a brief moment, we thought we may have hit on a house to go check out. Alas, the more we looked at it online, the less appealing it became. For one thing, it was a good chunk of change over our self-determined “max price,” although we have very nearly conceded that price isn’t really going to work out. So, we overlooked that one for a short time. It also had a few bonus features that made it attractive, for instance a game room. I’ve never had a game room, and always wanted one. OK, OK, we’re looking good here. Then we noticed this little nugget of info under Lot Features… “Snow Line Above.” Wait, what? Like, the white messy stuff that falls from the sky? Well, yeah that stuff, up to three feet a few times a year. Scratch that one.

Saturday and Sunday were similarly low-key. Saturday we made a big Costco run Saturday, which is always an exciting time. Gassed up the car, picked up some groceries, that sort of stuff. Sunday, we went over to a friend’s house to enjoy brunch and watch the Chiefs game. We spent the entire first quarter trying to actually get the broadcast on the TV; Not as easy as we’d hoped. Success was finally achieved via a trial streaming subscription on a laptop, paired with my handy VPN service to make our location appear as Los Angeles. Geez man, is nothing easy? But, we did get to watch the majority of it on their back patio while enjoying pancakes and eggs so it all worked out.

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