Semi-Quarantine Status

OK so in reality, we haven’t been even semi-quarantined. For better or worse, we have been effectively carrying on our normal routine, such as it is. Being in the state of CA, that could change very soon though. State motto, “There is nothing that can be done, that can’t be overdone.” If all our usual haunts get shut down, I guess we’ll just stay home. We’ve got a few dozen eggs and a nice variety of dried beans, should be good to go.

As for the weekend, it was pretty much on par with any other. Friday we had some friends over and grilled chicken sandwiches. I think after dinner we must have watched a movie or played cards or some similarly wholesome activity, but the details elude me at the moment.

Saturday I headed out with a few other couples on an impromptu “support the local economy” tour. I must say, I am a bit confused on all the new “rules.” Half the directions are to stay home and occasionally mist yourself with Lysol, the other half are to get out and support the suffering businesses. So, at least this weekend, I opted for the latter. We had a great time, although I doubt my $4.95 contributed much their cause. Meanwhile, Donette was spending her time volunteering at a local animal shelter. Admittedly probably better time spent than mine, but we can’t all save the world. She has been spending some time at Foothill Dog Rescue, better known locally as “Home of Quinn & Nacho.” (I fully expect them to update their signage any day now.) It was a rainy cold day, and we sort of anticipated them shutting down early so she could join our crowd. Matter of fact they were crazy busy and adopted out 15 dogs!

Sunday was rainy and cold too. Not much to work with here. We went out for dinner mostly out of sheer boredom, and that pretty much covers the day.

2 thoughts on “Semi-Quarantine Status

  1. Just what everyone needs – a bacon press!! You must have every cooking utensil available. Those onion rings look yummy.

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