Short Getaway

So I was able to sneak in a short getaway last weekend, preventing me from making my not-so-regularly scheduled update. Just when I was sure I was in the groove. I took the motorhome up to nearby Ponderosa Resort for a little camping trip, or glamping if you’re into the latest made-up adverbs. Well, actually I didn’t take the motorhome, per se, my friend Michael drove it up there and parked it for me. It would seem that being co-owner I would drive it around, but not so much. Maybe someday, but not this particular day. The campground is only 15 miles from our house, but it is very nice and it still seems like you are “getting away.” Didn’t do a whole lot; Some friends came and went, my spouse came and went, and the rest of the time I just hung out. The weather was exceptional, especially for this time of year, so a lot of time was spent just sitting outside in a lawnchair. May sound a little too low-key for many, but I like the opportunity to just relax. Good trip.

In other life-altering news, I got new Internet service! The past year I have been suffering miserably with my fixed wireless plan. I do not think that’s an exaggeration either. I would get kicked off while working several times a day, things like streaming video were impossible, and during the evenings it would slow to unusable speeds. I’ve looked and looked for alternatives, but couldn’t find anything. Finally, rather randomly, I came across Verizon Home LTE service. I am honestly not sure how I never found it before; It doesn’t seem to be widely advertised or easily accessible from their main site. So far it turned out to be just what I need though, knock on wood. Been using it all week with no disconnects and everything works just fine. As an added bonus it’s $40 cheaper a month, and 5x faster. Score! This may even lead to moving this website back home where it belongs, although that sounds like more effort than I’m willing to expend at the moment.

4 thoughts on “Short Getaway

    • I went with, mostly based on price. I had some trouble setting it up but worked great since then. Seems like it was more geared towards setting up a new site vs. moving an existing one. As I remember, I ended up going through the template to create a new one, then deleted the content and moved mine into it. One less thing to worry about in the house I guess!

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