The Countdown

Ahhh, I needed a week off from the extreme rigors of updating this page.  Be prepared for a real treat, as I have fourteen entire days of excitement to regale you with.  Or, not so much.  We are in the final stages of getting our new house wrapped up, and that has been eating up a fair amount of time.  Wow, they move slowly out here.  We actually closed on the house last Tuesday.  Closed.  As in sat there with the title company and did the whole two hours of signing papers bit.  Sweet, gimme the keys!  Oh no, we have to wait an additional week to actually take possession.  It doesn’t seem there is a real reason behind the extra delay, all the title lady could offer was “Welcome to California.”  Oddly, this is the same response we’ve gotten from the DMV, the utility companies, the tax people, and various other entities.  Whatever, we’ll get it some day I suppose.  I just went on my “final, final, FINAL walk through” about an hour ago as a matter of fact, and it looks move-in ready to me.  We are supposed to get the keys tomorrow, and then everybody is cordially invited to fly out and help us move this coming weekend.  Pizza included.  (Single topping only, we’re on a strict budget.)

You’d think I would have some fascinating tales to relate after a two-week hiatus.  Alas, we’ve been hunkered down preparing for the move.  Donette did have a bunch of friends come into town a few weeks back, and they had some fun, but I wasn’t included in the festivities.  A few weeks later and we would have actually had a place for them to sleep, but they made do.  They made it up to Tahoe for a night, which sounded fun.  Other than that…  Well…  Slow times.  We went to a few local breweries with a friend yesterday, mostly just for the sake of getting out of the house.  A thrift shop sent a truck out the other day and hauled off a good part of our furniture, so the ol’ rental house isn’t exactly too comfortable at the moment.  We’ve been eating out a lot.  By this time next week, hopefully I’ll be posting pics of our furnished new house, and we’ll be out of the rental.  (Optimism springs eternal.)

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