The Garden Has Begun

Wow, the weather went from freezing rain and snow last weekend to blazing sun and 80’s this weekend. Now that is a wild swing. We broke out our farmer’s almanac and determined last weekend was the last cold weather this year and got started on the garden. We already had it mostly cleaned up, so it was just a matter of putting the plants in the ground and putting the drip lines in place. I tried to reuse the lines from last year, and I think it was mostly successful. Got a few leaks I need to fix, but hopefully it lasts the season. I imagine next year I’ll be running all new ones. I keep saying I’m going to bury pvc from the well house over there, so I don’t have to drag a garden hose across the yard, but that project hasn’t quite happened yet. Kind of missed my window, should have done that when it was rainy and cool. We also planted everything from seed this year instead of spending $5 a pop on plants, so we’ll see if that works out.

Other than that project, the weekend was rather mundane. Saturday, I ran the weed eater all day, which effectively put me on the couch all evening. There is quite a bit more to do, but my back is going to have to recover for a few days. I really hope that is the last time for the summer, but last year it needed a third round. Then on Sunday, we traveled out to Lotus and checked out a little shopping fair. It made for a great drive in the convertible if nothing else. Then we wrapped up the day (and weekend) with dinner at our favorite taco spot. I made the mistake of ordering their “bbq special,” which was a 1/2 rack of ribs and potato salad. Predictably, this was a mistake. When you go to a taco place, you always want to order… Well, tacos. I would say “lesson learned,” but I keep making similar errors when going out to eat, so probably not.