The Lone ‘Quer

Not a bad weekend in the hills. Hey, it just occurred to me that the “Phil on the Hill” moniker has never been more accurate. We are indeed on a hill. Now I don’t have to come up with a new site name, whew. Anyway… Like I said, not a bad weekend, if a bit subdued. Friday I settled in to get my weekend on, only to end up working the better part of the night. Lame. Saturday we just sort of kicked around the house, waiting for my scheduled evening work. The whole work thing is just really cutting into my social lifestyle. I did get wrapped up early enough that we were able to go out to dinner at the nearby Bones Roadhouse. I usually have a pastrami sandwich, but this time I mixed things up and had a burger. Even sprung for some blue cheese crumbles, and it was delicious. A few strips of bacon would have really put it over the top, but $3?!!?! C’mon man.

Sunday was my “fun day.” I try to get my work scheduled so that I get at least one day off, and Sunday was it this week. (Pathetic lifestyle, but that’s what it is.) So, I’d been eyeing this smoked carnitas recipe all week, if not a little longer. I don’t why, it just sounded good. Actually I guess I do know why: It’s Spring, the weather is getting super nice, and I like firing up the smoker. As I usually do, I tried rallying a few guys to come up for the event, and as usually happens, zero interest. I guess it’s just a KC thing and ain’t going to happen up here. It’s still pretty fun for me, but I am continually baffled that nobody else is into it. Heck nobody even wanted to come up for dinner. I shredded the whole thing and threw it in the freezer. What are you gonna do. Maybe I should look for a new hobby. But I LIKE this one. We’re having company in from KC in a few months, maybe they’ll bbq with me. Sniff, sniff.

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