The Birds II

We’ve got company again! Man, people (and dogs) just really like us and want to visit us. Probably has to do with our remarkable ability to entertain. This weekend, Donette’s sister came out to visit. I guess if we ever really did have any ability to entertain we must have forgotten those skills, because we didn’t really do anything. We’re more of a “relaxation” destination maybe; Lots and lots of relaxation. It’s a fine line between relaxation and boredom I imagine, but let’s stick with it anyway. There was some shopping involved, a little going out to eat, and…. relaxation.

As to my title of the week, man we’ve got a real bird situation out here! I do enjoy the hummingbirds, but they are getting downright aggressive. You can’t step out the front door without getting buzzed by several of them. I’m thinking about buying one of those bee keeper suits for when I refill their feeders, as they are just too close for comfort and greatly outnumber me. If you look out any window, there will be a few of them hovering there just staring at you. “Food’s getting low fat boy, get on it.” One of them even came in the house this morning! I can just imagine my obit now, and it will not be good.

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