Welcome Back

Geez, not sure what happened there. Sabbatical? Change in weather threw me off? Pure laziness? Maybe some combo of all those, and even a few more. Plus, it’s just been quiet out here. In a good kind of way, I suppose. Can’t get in any trouble just sitting at home doing nothing. (That has actually been proven false on multiple occasions. At least the odds are a little better.)

I’ll just skip over both the notable things we’ve done in the two months since I last got around to updating this, and jump right to last week. We spent all last week out in nearby Lotus, camping in the RV. I took a few days off, and worked from the RV a few more days. Working from it works out remarkably well. Only real issue is my data plan runs out pretty quick, but then I just buy a few days on the service the campground offers and it’s all good. The dogs seem to enjoy being out there, we both enjoy being out there… It’s enjoyed by all! I wasn’t able to get a spot in November, but we have some time booked in December, weather permitting.

Other than that week o’ fun, not too much happening. I got a new “heat deflector” for my firepit, which works great. The wife has “mentioned” (read: complains constantly) that the firepit doesn’t put out enough heat, it just goes straight up. I guess that must be a common complaint because they came out with this deflector thing a while back. Works pretty well, we gave it a good test on Saturday, sitting around it watching the Missouri game. Finally using the wood I split last year, it burns great! We just had two oaks removed in the back yard so there’s more where that came from too. Lots of firepit time in my future!

4 thoughts on “Welcome Back

  1. Hurray !!So glad to see an update. Your garden vegies are remarkable. I would not want salsa verde on my eggs. No, no, no!
    Glad you had a relaxing time.

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