Yay For 3-day Weekends

Well that was a reasonably entertaining weekend! And the best news it, I have one more day of it. And the even better news, I have one more day of weekend and a 3.5 lb tomahawk ribeye in the ‘fridge. My plans are pretty well set. Side dishes are a little iffy, but then a hunk of steak that size, who needs sides anyway.

It was a low-key weekend, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Needed to wind down a bit anyway. We did a little grilling, and I was dog-sitting for a friend for a while. Not just any friend, a friend with cable tv. Not having such luxuries at home, this made for an entertaining time. I got to watch the Oregon football game, and probably about six movies. Their dog isn’t exactly high-maintenance either, like some others I know. (Cough cough, er Quinn & Nacho.) He is 14 years old, so for the most part he just sleeps in his bed. Having such similar routines, we got along famously.

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