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Well we are back up and running, albeit in a rather degraded manner. As feared, my new Internet service is, by no small stretch, what I am used to. For the first time since the inception of way back in the Texas days, my site is remotely hosted. Not cool. It keeps me up at night. But, I guess that is just the way it is, at least until a new provider comes into the neighborhood. (And by “neighborhood,” I mean 3 houses on a gravel road. Yeah, not gonna happen.) I had no small amount of trouble getting it to work on the new host either. It seems to be geared towards creating a new website, and there was no skipping through their not-so-helpful scripts. I finally did have to create an all new site, then deleted it all and moved mine to the remaining folders. No bueno.

If the Internet was the worst thing about the move I guess I could just suck it up, but I am not sure it really is. There are considerable improvements to be made to the house itself, and the bills are mounting rapidly. A lot of big-ticket items are looming: The house needs painted, the a/c is just barely keeping up, the lawn is non-existent… What have we done. Oh there are pluses also, to be sure. It is super quiet… No more redneck cars racing up and down the street behind us. And, despite being only about 20 miles from our last house, it is noticeably cooler. I think it may just work out for the better, if not in the next week or so.

Despite the long down time, I really don’t have a lot of material to work with. Moving is just not interesting subject matter, even by my low standards. More like tortuous, actually. We did enjoy our holiday weekend over at a friends house, swimming and sunning. Everybody needs pool friends.

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    • Well I thank you for your sympathy. I don’t believe my other two readers fully grasp the magnitude of this tragedy.

      • I definitely grasp the magnitude of your tragedy. Enough so, in fact, to wonder why you would willingly walk headlong into such a mire of … tragedy….

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