The Process Continues

Well, we are still unpacking, cleaning, painting, hanging drapes & pictures, and the rest of the extreme drudgery associated with moving. Really, I am not sure there is anything worse. Maybe working while you’re trying to do it all I guess, yeah that makes it even worse. Has to get done though, I suppose. This weekend our project of choice was hanging a “proslat” wall system out in the garage. I bought this thing on a whim quite a while ago, and the large boxes sat on the garage floor of the last house ever since. How long ago? Well, my Costco order history goes back two years and I couldn’t find it. We figured we might need it here so we threw it in with the “move” pile. Sure enough, it is much needed. It took us all day Saturday and part of Sunday, but we got it done and it came out looking like the pictures; Can’t ask for more than that, especially where me and tools are involved. Also had a service guy come out and look at the dishwasher, and an electrician came to quote a generator hookup. Oh boy. Good times. We celebrated the relative victory of our proslat install with a little time on my back porch shooting range to wrap up the weekend. Now that, I must say, is a good finish to the weekend if nothing else.

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