Belated Thanksgiving

I could have sworn I posted an update after Thanksgiving. Maybe the dogs ate it. It was a good holiday though, so I am inclined to go ahead and recap the day a week late. As is usually the case, we joined forces with our friends the James’ clan for the festivities. And quite the clan it is. I think the final count was around 25 people. The one downside was that the weather didn’t cooperate quite like it has in recent years. With a crowd that size it’s nice to have some outdoor seating options, but this year was just too chilly, not to mention wet. Eh, there was plenty of room inside. For a mob this size we went with two turkeys; One smoked, and one deep fried. We didn’t smoke the bird, we picked it up from Schwingles Meat already cooked. We’ve ordered from them several times and it’s just as good (OK likely better) than anything I could smoke up, and certainly easier. We threw in a ham for good measure too. Yeah we went a bit overboard on the meat, but it’s nice to have options. It was a fantastic meal, honestly the best I can remember. (Granted, my memory doesn’t go back too far.)

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